August 18, 2014

Why Should You Get Out the Vote? Dozens of Races Too Close to Call.

Why Should You Get Out the Vote? Dozens of Races Too Close to Call. The Cook Political Report (subscription required) last week released its updated ratings for the 2014 U.S. Senate races, which shows there are now nine “toss up” seats where neither party has a clear polling advantage. Voters in these states—Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan and North Carolina—along with Montana, New Hampshire and West Virginia where there are also hotly contested campaigns, will determine which party holds control of the U.S. Senate. These races, of course, are in addition to the dozens of close House races, 13 too-close-to-call gubernatorial contests and hundreds of state legislative campaigns happening in every other U.S. state. All of which means: no matter where you are in the country, voting this fall is incredibly important. To help ensure robust voter turnout this November, MSCI will work until Election Day to explain to manufacturing and metals industry employees and customers the importance voting. Over the next two years, the Senate will consider MSCI North American Manufacturing key appointments to the U.S. courts and federal boards like the National Labor Relations Board. Congress will also consider reforms to the tax code and immigration system, continue to try to address issues with the Affordable Care Act and provide oversight of EPA rulemaking. MSCI reminds its members to check out our Get Out The Vote toolkit and to read MSCI’s policy agenda for more information about the issues that will face the 114th Congress. And remind your employees and customers that they can vote even if they won’t be at home on Election Day. It’s estimated 30 percent of people eligible to vote fail to do so because they are either out of town or simply too busy – check out our toolkit for information about all voting rules in the various states, including rules about absentee and early voting.