October 13, 2014

Worried About the Manufacturing Skills Gap? NAM Has a Toolkit to Help You

The National Association of Manufacturers’ Committee on Competitiveness and the Workforce recently released a toolkit that will help manufacturers close the skills gap by improving workforce preparedness and capabilities. NAM says the toolkit will, “help manufacturing leaders collaborate in their local communities to determine the key competencies needed for new hires to succeed in today’s advanced manufacturing operations, develop a plan for local workforce training providers to deliver the needed training and grow a pipeline to ensure a supply of future skilled talent.” MSCI encourages its members to check out the toolkit, which is available on NAM’s website. The committee’s recommendations are the product of a yearlong effort among the committee’s 17 board members, who all represent both small and large manufacturers. To read more about the task force, its work and the toolkit, read NAM President Jay Timmons’ column in The Hill here.