June 10, 2019

Canadian Government Announces Proposal To Curb Steel Dumping

On June 3, Canada’s Department of Finance announced proposed measures to prevent the dumping of steel into the country. The department submitted a plan to Parliament that, if approved by lawmakers, would temporarily amend the Customs Tariff to remove the two-year moratorium on the imposition of safeguard measures on imports previously subject to safeguards.

These amendments, the ministry said, would give the government the flexibility it needs to stabilize Canada’ssteel market and further protect Canadian steel workers and producers from global instability and the harmful effects of potential surges in imports. Minister of Finance Bill Morneau said, “Fair and open trade has helped grow Canada’s economy and brought Canadian goods to global markets. To protect that growth, and ensure Canadian workers continue to be on the winning side of trade, our Government will take decisive action—and use all legal means at our disposal to protect Canadian jobs and workers from global market distortions.”

Toronto trade lawyer Lawrence Herman explained to the Globe & Mail that the measures would give the government the ability to temporarily restrict targeted imports on a near-continuous basis.

Click here for the agency’s full announcement.