Your goal is singular: keep your team safe. That's our goal too.

As a part of the MSCI team, member companies are encouraged to participate in the survey to identify key problem areas the industry is facing.

Open to both service centers and mills, the Metals Service Center Institute’s Safety Survey is designed to provide easy-to-understand metals industry safety benchmarks for MSCI members. The survey contains:

  • Information about member company priorities
  • How organization’s are structured to address safety and
  • Top safety issues MSCI members are facing now.

This comprehensive survey is the only source for metals industry safety data beyond basic OSHA and Canadian government data.

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Become a Survey Participant

MSCI’s annual surveys are promoted to member companies by sending an e-mail invitation to both the CEO and the top functional staff member whose area of expertise aligns with the survey being promoted. For example, in addition to the company CEO the top Human Resources person at a company will receive survey requests for our Compensation Surveys, the top safety person will receive Safety Survey participation requests, the top Information Technology person will receive IT Survey requests, and so on.

If, in addition to the people mentioned above, you are interested in receiving any of our annual survey requests let us know which surveys you are interested in by completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?

Yes, the Safety Survey is prepared by our professional, trusted third-party Industry Insights, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio.

Who has free access to the report?

Participating members — those that provide data for the survey — receive the data for free. Non-participating members can purchase the survey results for $500. This data is not available to non-members.

Purchase the Report


How frequently is the report performed?

Industry level safety survey data is collected, analyzed and distributed annually to participating MSCI members.

Can I see a sample of the report?

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