Don’t run your business blindfolded. With accurate, reliable data, the MSCI Metals Activity Report (MAR) is an indispensable monthly analysis of metals service center shipments and inventories for intelligent strategic and tactical planning. The report’s accuracy and timeliness are respected and widely used throughout the industry as well as by analysts at major banks and the Federal Reserve.

Data packages may be available to you based on your company’s membership status and type. The Metals Activity Report is available to MSCI Members and some categories of non-members. Select the status that best describes your company below:

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Publication Calendar

Report Month Estimated Release Date Ship Days
Ship Days
January 02/19/2024 21 21
February 03/19/2024 20 20
March 04/19/2024 21 21
April 05/17/2024 22 21
May 06/19/2024 22 22
June 07/18/2024 20 20
July 08/18/2024 22 22
August 09/19/2024 22 22
September 10/17/2024 20 20
October 11/19/2024 23 22
November 12/18/2024 19 20
December 01/17/2025 21 20


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the Metal Activity Report's accuracy?

MAR is created, researched and prepared by a professional econometrics firm with a stellar record of accuracy and reliability. That firm is responsible for the data collection and analytical methodology used to produce all of the monthly reports. It meticulously checks and validates all of the data when submitted. When it finds errors or inconsistencies, the econometrics firm itself contacts the companies to establish the accuracy of the numbers.

The extensive MAR sample has produced an enviable record for over 40 years running that has followed every business cycle, reliably predicted ups and downs in metals industry cycles, and correlated closely with all the major, most frequently used federally produced data. MAR is the most reliable and accurate place where such a comprehensive aggregate representing the entire service center industry in the United States and Canada is available.

MAR Trends and External Data Validation

This document shows graphically the close nature of the relationships between MAR service center shipment data trends and external data such as GDP, the Industrial Production Index for Fabricated Metals from the Federal Reserve, and metals producer shipment data.

Download the Charts Comparing MAR Data to Other Indicators

What products does MAR cover?

To see the detailed listing and descriptions of the service center products covered by the MAR reports please view this document:

MAR Product Definitions

Why should I care about seasonally adjusted data?

Those who participate and those who consistently use the MAR data understand as well that the information is particularly valuable because alongside actual, as reported data, MAR releases seasonally adjusted data to eliminate distortions caused by weather, holidays, the number of shipping days and other effects that occur regularly during the year. Seasonal adjustment allows better overall planning whether it be month to month or longer term because it estimates and removes seasonal effects from a time series in order to better reveal non-seasonal features. Examples of seasonal effects include a July drop in automobile production as factories retool for new models or increases in heating oil production during September in anticipation of the winter heating season. Seasonal adjustment allows MAR users to confidently compare a given month’s data to any other month.

Download the Guide to Seasonal Adjustment


Is the sample statistically significant?

MSCI regularly adds to the universe of companies that participate in MAR so there is never any doubt about the integrity of the statistical sample. Members do come and go, though infrequently. But there is a rigorous, standardized process of adding and removing companies in the survey. In addition, the data from participants is verified not only as it is reported, but published industry level data is also regularly benchmarked to government and U.S. Census Bureau data to insure it is as accurate and useful as possible.


Can't I get this same information from industry news sources?

The information MSCI has historically made available to the press is the most top-level data trends for steel and aluminum in the United States and Canada. The reports available to members provides a far more robust historical data set in 11 product categories, plus the member report now also includes analytical charts that serve as an early indicator of market trends. Survey participants, on the other hand, get all 26 product categories, a market share analysis, an on order index, and predictions for shipments and inventory six months into the future.

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