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With our exclusive industry data, first-rate economic forecasting, and research on the latest issues and trends, MSCI helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the metals industry. Over millions of data points and decades of experience, MSCI has proven to be a trusted resource of industry intelligence for companies of all sizes throughout the metals value chain. We cut through the noise to generate impactful insights that will help you make more informed decisions and keep your business thriving.

Data Subscriptions

MSCI provides timely data that is regularly updated to get you the information you need, when you need it.

Metals Activity Reports

Monthly reports on service center shipments and inventory data with a stellar record of accuracy and reliability for over 40 years
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Metals Tendencies Reports

Monthly summary of market trends reflecting the collective opinion of other service center executives
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Momentum Monitors

Quarterly predictions of the turning points in demand for the 10 vertical markets of most interest to MSCI members
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Economic Pulse

Semimonthly snapshot of the US economy based on the collective evaluation of high-frequency and alternative indicators
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Research and Reports

Find out what's happening in and around the metals industry on a range of topics

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

Benchmarking the metals industry's progress on DEI

Compensation Surveys

A clear, complete picture of industry salaries and wages

Safety Surveys

Measuring the metals industry's progress toward zero incidents

Information Technology Surveys

Identifies gaps in technology policies and procedures to improve performance

Industry Projects

Exclusive reports researched on behalf of MSCI members

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