COVID-19 Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and various state government travel restrictions that are being applied to interstate travel, this program will take place on the Olin Business School virtual education platform. We have reduced our participation fees accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact cmarti@msci.org, and stay safe and well.

Please watch this 15-minute video with Dr. Samuel Chun of the Olin Business School and the architect of MSCI’s Strategic Metals Management Program, being interviewed by Chris Marti of MSCI. Dr. Chun explains how the new SMM virtual program works.

Strategic Metals Management

There’s no other executive leadership program like it— not even the top MBA programs deliver more value. That’s because our program combines a metals-focused curriculum with a rare opportunity to build an industrywide network with peers at mills and service centers. In fact, the program is so efficient and effective at building high-performance organizations, some MSCI members even require graduation as a condition for promotion. Participation in Strategic Metals Management includes an industry project that you will pursue throughout the course of the program along with a team of your peers. Whether you’re concerned about succession planning or relationship-building, there’s no better way to invest in your emerging leaders. The Strategic Metals Management program gives them the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to ensure the ongoing success of your business.



Unique Networking Opportunities

In business, who you know may be as important as what you know. The Strategic Metals Management program gives students an exclusive opportunity to build relationships with fellow senior executives from mills and service centers. Here and only here, students learn about both sides of the business from each other’s perspective. And they get a head start on making lifetime connections with the people they’ll directly do business with in the future, offering immeasurable business value. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 30 students to create an ideal environment for learning and networking.


Full payment is made when a participant is accepted into the program. The program fee includes:

  • Instruction, faculty costs, virtual learning platform access fees
  • Program administrative costs

Invest in the future of your metals business. Classes fill up fast, so register for the Strategic Metals Management program today or call Chris Marti at 847.485.3009.

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Class Modules

The Strategic Metals Management program is a five-week course of study conducted over a year’s time. Students attend virtual sessions in five week-long increments approximately every four months. Sessions are divided up into self-paced learnings, virtual classroom time, and team interaction and networking. The curriculum is divided into five modules that address complex, cross-functional issues that have been identified as the most compelling challenges and opportunities in today’s environment.

Participation in Strategic Metals Management includes an industry project that you will pursue throughout the course of the program along with a team of your peers.

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Module 1: Strategy, Organization and Leadership

Starting with a review of strategy, we explain the interdependence between strategy and leadership. Professional assessments and aspects of individual leadership help participants define areas of business acumen and management skill they want to focus on throughout the program.

  • Strategy and Change
  • Industry Analysis and Evolution
  • Leadership and Value Creation
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Module 2: Operational Excellence

Operational excellence involves strategic management of costs and production capabilities to improve efficiencies and go-to-market effectiveness. This module examines how operational excellence can be achieved through tools, frameworks and leadership skills.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean and Six Sigma Management Tools
  • Operations Strategy
  • Leadership, Negotiations and Conflict Management

Module 3: Sales and Marketing

Week three covers managing sales and organic growth. We build on the strategy themes of creating, capturing and sustaining value with a focus on execution. This module blends elements of strategic execution, customer management, market-focused operations and financial management to deliver outstanding returns.

  • Value Capture and Strategic Execution
  • Market-Focused Operations
  • Financial Measures and Managing for Results
  • Profitability and Customer Management

Module 4: Investments

Corporations grow organically and through acquisitions. The domain of mergers and acquisitions comprises elements of corporate strategy and financial management. Here, participants learn the principles of corporate finance and strategy, valuation and due diligence. The module focuses on opportunities and challenges, presented by growth through acquisition.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Financial Value Creation
  • Investment and Valuation Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Module 5: Leadership

Effective leadership requires creating and implementing successful strategies. This module focuses on the essential management and leadership skills that executives need to energize and grow their business.

  • Managing and Leading Change
  • Team Leadership and Managing for High Performance
  • Leadership Styles and Effective Communication
  • Informal Leadership, Power and Politics

Elite Faculty

You won’t find a stronger faculty anywhere. Period.

Since 2006, our program has been taught by top professors from the Olin Business School—one of the best executive education resources in the world—and other universities with special expertise in all aspects of management.

Many examples and case studies are metals-industry specific, and instructors share in-depth industry insights through presentations, panel discussions and other coursework.

Armed with real-world knowledge, students return to your business with ideas and tactics they can apply immediately. And as graduates, they often return to our program as guest speakers.

Premier Graduates and Guest Speakers

The leaders who have completed our program or shared their experience with our classes are some of the most distinguished names in the metals industry.

John J. Ferriola
(Retired) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nucor Corporation

David H. Hannah
(Retired) Chairman and CEO
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

Holman Head
(Retired) President and COO
O’Neal Industries

Jack Hockema
Executive Chairman
Kaiser Aluminum

Bill Jones
(Retired) Vice Chairman
O’Neal Industries

Karla R. Lewis
Senior Executive VP and CFO
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

Richard Marabito
Chief Executive Officer
Olympic Steel, Inc.

Donald R. McNeeley
Chairman, President and CEO
Chicago Tube & Iron

Bill Partalis
Kloeckner Metals

Richard Robinson
Chairman & CEO
Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.

Gisbert Rühl
Chief Executive Officer
Kloeckner & Co. SE

Mark Russell
(Retired) President and COO
Worthington Industries

Michael Siegal
Executive Chairman
Olympic Steel, Inc.

Gary W. Stein
Triple-S Steel Supply Co.

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