November 20, 2019

2019 Northwest Chapter Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Northwest Chapter Scholarship Recipients!

  • Haley Ahart, daughter of Jon Ahart, McNeilus Steel, Inc.
  • Daeun Chong, daughter of Song Chong, Ryerson, Inc.
  • Cole Davidson, son of Charles M. Davidson, Chicago Tube & Iron Company
  • Mikayla Feil, daughter of Donna Feil, Olympic Steel, Inc.
  • Ntseh Fru, daughter of Donald Hagenbart, Olympic Steel, Inc.
  • Nell Graham, daughter of David Graham, McNeilus Steel, Inc.
  • Robert Johnson, son of Beth Amundson, Viking Materials, Inc.
  • Katie Krieger, daughter of Kurt Krieger, West Central Steel, Inc.
  • Hailey Lundeen, daughter of Michael Lundeen, Viking Materials, Inc.
  • Abby Rothstein, daughter of Brian Rothstein, Mead Metals Inc.