January 13, 2023

MSCI Florida Chapter Now Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2023

In 2023, we’ll be granting up to 5 four-year or two-year graduate scholarships for total up to $12,000 to a four-year University; As well as up to 2 two-year scholarships for total up to $3,000 to a Technical/Trade school/community college. Must be a senior in high school, enrolled in college and/or no older than 25 years old. Deadline is 3/31/23; You must complete & submit application on this site, get recommendation from high school or college instructor and meet required min. GPA of 2.5. Parent must be employed at MSCI member company in good standing with MSCI National & Florida Chapter. If you are a past recipient, you may apply again.

Apply here:

Please inform your employees and post the following posters in your Breakroom:

Scholarship Poster (English) and Scholarship Poster (Spanish)

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