February 18, 2019

Did You Know The United States’ Outdated Infrastructure Costs Families $9 A Day?

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that deficient bridges, congested highways, outdated transit systems, unreliable electric grids and damaged waterpipes cost American families an average of $9 a day.

That’s why, last week the Metals Service Center Institute, as part of the National Association of Manufacturers’ Infrastructure Working Group, joined 150 other manufacturers, trade associations, labor unions, and government groups to send a letter congressional leaders asking them to pass a bipartisan infrastructure package this year.

The letter called for a bill that includes six key priorities to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of our nation’s infrastructure. Those measures include:

  • Increasing federal investments in a broad range of sectors;
  • Fixing chronic challenges and addressing reoccurring shortages in federal infrastructure accounts, such as the Highway Trust Fund;
  • Complementing and strengthening existing tools to deliver infrastructure investments at the federal, state and local levels successfully;
  • Facilitating opportunities for private investment;
  • Accelerating the federal permitting process; and
  • Encouraging active participation among all levels of government and between public and private sectors.