August 26, 2019

Discuss China With Tony Nash At MSCI’s Economic Summit

TheMetals Service Center Institute’s 2019 Economic Summit is next week, September 4-5 outside of Chicago, Ill.

With China in the news on a daily basis, you will not want to miss Complete Intelligence Founder and CEO Tony Nash. Nash will discuss trade, infrastructure, debt and demographics as it relates to the growing superpower.

Not only can you still register for this conference, you can bring an emerging professional – someone with seven or fewer years of industry experience – for just $795. (That is less than half of the regular registration fee.) Here are four reasons your up and comers should join this conference:

  • More data collection. An additional set of eyes and ears allows you as a team to cover more breakout sessions, gathering more information.
  • More to gain from networking. Now is the time to expose your up-and-coming talent to your industry partners.
  • Most efficient use of time. It’s hard to get away from the office, especially for the people who make sure things are running day in and day out. This data-packed conference, with numerous breakout sessions, will require a maximum of two days away from the office.
  • Retain great talent. Exposure to new ideas is a great way to let your most valuable new talent know that they matter and have a place in your organization.

Do not miss this opportunity: Click here register for this year’s Economic Summit.