February 16, 2021

Do You Know … How to Find an MSCI Member?

Do You Know … that as an employee of a MSCI member company, you have access to MSCI’s Member Directory?

With your member credentials, click on the LOGIN box at the top of our website, www.msci.org. Then, scroll down to find:

If you are searching for a particular member, click on Find a Member. After you click on this link, you will be able to search for a member based on their company or the individual’s last name.

If you are looking for a new partner for products and services provided to the metals industry, check the MSCI’s Affiliate Member listing.  (Remember, these companies support your trade association!) You can search by company name or by type of service, e.g., finance, logistics, software, or toll processing, etc.

Do you need the names of all the service center members in Illinois? Or, all the mills that produce carbon bar? Or all the MSCI members that sell cutting equipment? You can order a Customized Member Directory to obtain the information you need. We will create a report based on your selections and then email it to you in a .pdf format.

If you have been receiving MSCI emails, attended a webinar, conference or education program or even subscribed to an MSCI report, you are already listed in our database as a member and should have your own membership credentials. If you are not in our database, you can create an account. Unsure of your status? Check out our last Do You Know for instructions.

Of course, if you need assistance in any way, please call Member Services at 847-485-3000 or email memberservices@msci.org. We are here to assist you.