June 24, 2019

EPA Replaces Obama-Era Clean Air Rule

Last Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new regulation that will replace the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan for electricity generating facilities.

The new rule, which is opposed by environmentalists but is generally regarded as a compromise by various industries, establishes emissions guidelines for states to use when developing plans to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) at their coal-fired power plants. Specifically, ACE identifies heat rate improvements as the best system of emission reduction (BSER) for CO2 from coal-fired power plants, and these improvements can be made at individual facilities. States will have three years to submit plans.

The EPA said the new rule will reduce emissions of CO2, mercury and other pollutants. By 2030, the rule is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 11 million short tons and cut mercury emissions by 59 pounds. Click here for the EPA’s fact sheet explaining the new regulation.