January 27, 2020

EU Threatens To Impose Tariffs On Flat-Rolled Stainless From Taiwan, And China

The European Union (EU) has ordered customs officials to register flat-rolled stainless steel imports from China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

According to the Taipei Times, the step is part of an inquiry into dumping by Chinese, Taiwanese and Indonesian producers and the registration step would allow “the EU to impose possible tariffs on past transactions.” The European Commission explained “shipments from China, Taiwan and Indonesia will “be made subject to registration for the purpose of ensuring that, should the investigation result in findings leading to the imposition of anti-dumping and/or countervailing duties, those duties can, if the necessary conditions are fulfilled, be levied retroactively on the registered imports.”

Registrations began on Saturday, January 25. The commission must decide by April 12, 2020 whether to introduce provisional anti-dumping duties on imports of this steel from the three countries. It must decide by October 12, 2020 whether to impose “definitive” five-year levies.