October 5, 2020

EU Will Impose Provisional Penalties On Aluminum Extrusions From China

As Reuters reports, the European Commission has placed provisional anti-dumping duties of between 30.4 percent and 48 percent on imports of aluminum extrusions from China.

The decision comes after a seven month investigation into whether China is dumping aluminum extrusions that was requested by an industry group representing seven producers. Imports of extrusions into the European Union doubled between 2014 and 2019.

In a statement, Gerd Götz, director general of the European Aluminum Association, said, “With this proposal, the Commission shows it is walking the talk when it comes to increasing the EU’s trade defense against unfair trade practices. These anti-dumping duties are crucial for the survival of the European aluminum value chain, which is critical to Europe’s transition to a digital and green economy.”

The new penalties will go into effect on October 15 and the investigation will be finalized next April.

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