2021 MSCI Safety Innovation & Improvement Award Ceremony

May 11, 2022 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

MSCI Safety Innovation and Culture Improvement Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 11, 2022
11:00am – 12:30pm (CT)

Celebrate the winners of MSCI’s 2021 Safety Innovation and Culture Improvement Awards. During the virtual awards ceremony each company will share what led to their best practices.

  • Safety Innovation Award: Infra-Metals and Delta Steel Group, a member of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum family of companies. The company’s Infra-Metals Trailer Rail Safety System is a fall prevention device that eliminates the fall hazard that would normally require a fall protection device. It is lightweight, portable, durable, and can be installed quickly by attaching the safety device to the trailers existing rub rail.
  • Safety Culture Improvement Award (less than 150 full-time employees): Leeco Steel, an O’Neal Industries affiliate company. Leeco implemented an enhanced company-wide safety communications program across its 11 distribution centers to educate and empower employees. The program includes monthly safety meetings for all warehouse employees, weekly safety reminder meetings at each location, and the encouragement of open, continuous feedback between team members.
  • Safety Culture Improvement Award (150-1,000 employees): Chatham Steel Corporation, a member of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum family of companies. Chatham transitioned to an online safety observation reporting tool, which improved participation and resulted in robust conversations about employee safety. The company also developed a course with a behavioral psychologist to help leaders develop tools to change behavior and help employees be more aware of, and solve for, risks.
  • Safety Culture Improvement Award (more than 1,000 employees): SSAB Americas. SSAB Americas requires all employees participate in SafeStart, a training program that develops awareness of how personal states like rushing or fatigue lead to critical errors. The program, which even invites family members to participate, drives safety awareness both on and off the job and is one reason the company has hit historic lows for recordable injuries.

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