June 24, 2019

In An Effort To Address Chinese Circumvention, Vietnam Places Tariffs On Some Chinese Aluminum Products

Voice of America (VOA) reported last week that the Vietnamese government has determined Chinese exporters are using its country to avoid U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods exported to the United States. Manufacturers in Vietnam were marking products as “Made-in-Vietnam,” then exporting them to the United States.

As a result of this finding, the Vietnamese government placed temporary anti-dumping tax of 2.46 percent to 35.58 percent will affect several aluminum products that come from China.

The penalties, according to VOA, will be in place for 120 days.

SSI Research, a financial market research company based in Hanoi, told VOA the tariffs are “a very bold move for Vietnam” and are an “efficient” answer to the problem of circumvention. As VOA noted, Chinese exports of partly-finished aluminum products doubled last year, to 62 tons, and of that amount, a “significant quantity is believed to be shipped from China to avoid anti-dumping” and tariffs.