November 25, 2019

India Still Locked In WTO Suit Regarding 2012 Tariffs On Carbon Steel Products

As Reuters reported recently, earlier this month a panel from the World Trade Organization (WTO) “rejected most of India’s claims” in a case the country had brought alleging the United States had not respected an earlier WTO ruling related to anti-subsidy duties on Indian steel.

India argued the U.S. government failed to meet an April 2016 deadline to comply with a WTO decision to adjust 286 percent countervailing duties on hot-rolled carbon steel products from India. India had originally filed a suit against the duties in April 2012. In a ruling two years later, the WTO found in favor of India.

While the WTO panel rejected many of the Indian complaints, it also said the United States “failed to comply with the recommendations and rulings of the” WTO in the original suit and should “bring its measures into conformity with its obligations.”

Last week, the Indian government appealed the ruling.

Click here for the WTO’s webpage related to this dispute.