May 9, 2022

Join The Waitlist For Our Inaugural Forge Ahead Event

Looking for a fun and FREE event that will help you advance your industrial metals career? Join the waitlist for our inaugural Forge Ahead event,  which will connect and foster the development of up-and-coming industrial metals professionals. (You never know when spots might open up, and MSCI will host future events too, so let us know you’re interested!)

We are grateful to Kloeckner Metals, Nucor, Olympic Steel, Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co., Ryerson, Steel Warehouse, and Zekelman Industries for sponsoring this event and ensuring that MSCI can offer it free to employees of MSCI member companies.

Regardless of title, functional responsibilities, physical location or time in the metals industry, Forge Ahead is for all Gen Z and Millennials. What’s in store? Participants will start out Friday night with a networking event at Flight Club Chicago. On Saturday morning, MSCI will host a brunch near Wrigley Field where participants will discuss how can they bring the industry into the future and create a more diverse workforce. They also will hear from current industry leaders about how they forged a successful career in the metals sector.

The event will wrap up at one of Chicago’s most iconic venues, Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs will take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Learn more and register for the waitlist here.

Interested in supporting this initiative? Proudly represent your company and show the Forge Ahead community that you’re invested in their success. As a supporter, your company logo will be featured on event promotions, MSCI communications and social media channels before, during, and after the event. Your company logo will also be prominently displayed throughout the actual event. Contact Kathy Spellman at kspellman@msci.org at 847-485-3018 or Julie Thane at jthane@msci.org at 847-485-3014 to show your support today.

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