September 21, 2020

Make Your Voice Heard On Federal Infrastructure Investment

While the U.S. Congress contends with a new Supreme Court vacancy, the need to pass spending bills for fiscal year 2021, and an ongoing debate on a fourth COVID-19-related aid package, lawmakers also are contemplating new infrastructure spending measures.

The National Association of Manufacturers has created a tool by which all individuals and businesses can make their voice heard on the need for Congress to approve additional funding to build bridges, hospitals, and schools. By clicking here, any interested person can send a letter to their representative in the U.S. House and their two senators.

The letter argues, “Manufacturers have bravely stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide essential products and critical services to aid our recovery. Even before this crises, America’s infrastructure – from our roads and bridges to our railways and high-speed internet, and beyond – were in need of bold investments to create urgently needed jobs and lay the foundation for a more competitive economy.”