February 1, 2021

Make Your Voice Heard On Federal Infrastructure Investment

As Connecting the Dots reported two weeks ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched a new initiative called “Build by the Fourth of July.” Momentum for the initiative is growing. The USCC announced last week that more than 225 organizations already have joined the movement. The effort asks Congress to pass legislation that:

  • Repairs and updates the United States’ crumbling infrastructure;
  • Stimulates the U.S. economy and creates middle-class sustaining jobs;
  • Addresses climate change;
  • Promotes fiscally and environmentally responsible policies;
  • Improves federal project approvals; and
  • Addresses the digital divide.

Individual companies can join the effort here. Joining the effort does not commit any organization to a specific policy outcome, but only to the goal of seeing a broad-based infrastructure package enacted into law. The USCC will continue to share more resources to help move the needle on infrastructure reform at the federal level. Click here to review the information that is available now.

MSCI members should stay tuned to Connecting the Dots for more information on federal infrastructure investment, including a future grassroots effort powered by MSCI that will be launched in early February.