March 23, 2020

Metals Companies Must Engage States Regarding Shelter In Place Policies

State and local governments are announcing new policies and mandates on an almost hourly basis in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. The National Association of Manufacturers has assembled a list of these announcements here. Each state will designate what industries can continue operations in the face of the growing number of shelter-in-place policies.

The Metals Service Center Institute has advocated for a clear and consistent standard that will ensure that metals service centers and metals producers can contribute essential services to our national pandemic response. Still, MSCI advises that metals service center and producers engage with their local and state officials. The National Association of Manufacturers has provided a list of instructions offers advice for how to communicate with them about this issue. If companies use the templates and instructions provided here, they should alter them to reflect their individual operations.

The National Association of Wholesalers also has provided a template letter to provide to drivers and employees so that they can use to get to work and conduct work as employees of the critical infrastructure. Critical truck drivers and workers should have a hard copy of this document with them at all times when working. Please be aware that this letter is self-certifying and not an official federal document so companies should review any document that you provide to your employees with your own counsel. Click here to see the letter.


  • In North Carolina, companies should email beoc@ncdps.gov with their business’s name, a point of contact (including name, email, phone number and address), nature of their business and why they are critical to continue operations, and the business website.
  • Minnesota has opened a survey for companies to compile essential business information that will be conveyed to the governor.