June 8, 2020

Mexico Enters Third Phase Of Reopening Process

On June 1, Mexico entered “Stage 3” of its COVID-19 reopening strategy, which allows non-essential economic sectors to re-open, subject to a “traffic light” system that demonstrates the intensity of COVID-19 transmissions in each state in the country.

Under the system:

  • Red means that only essential activities, including the automotive, construction and mining sectors, are able to operate;
  • Orange allow essential activities plus nonessential activities allowed at a reduced level, with extreme care for vulnerable workers;
  • Yellow allows limited activities in public spaces allowed, but full economic activity permitted; and
  • Green allows all economic activity, plus educational and social activities.

A map of where each state is in the reopening process is here. Despite the movement at the national level, a number of states, including Chihuahua, Puebla, and the State of México, have slowed or delayed openings for essential businesses, including slower re-openings in Chihuahua and an overall delay in Puebla.