November 30, 2020

MSCI Joins North American Rebound Coalition

The Metals Service Center Institute has joined the North American Rebound campaign, which is committed to highlighting the importance of integrated North American supply chains, particularly as the continent rebounds from COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign’s objectives are to:

  • Secure the availability of personal protection equipment (PPE) in both countries;
  • Design Canada-United States manufacturing solutions to replenish and maintain strategic stockpiles of medical equipment;
  • Continue to ensure people and goods cross the border efficiently without interrupting our critical supply chains; and
  • Expand market opportunities between our two countries in order to spur recovery and compete globally.

As the campaign’s website notes, maintaining an open and efficient supply chain through and beyond COVID-19 will save lives and help both countries in their fight against this pandemic. This effort also will provide the infrastructure required for jumpstarting the economy to compete with other regions of the world in a rapidly-changing global economic environment.

Learn more about the campaign here.