November 4, 2019

MSCI Sends Prime Minister Trudeau Letter Regarding Trans Mountain Pipeline Completion

The Metals Service Center Institute’s Canadian Council last week sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline. In the wake of a close election, the prime minister pledged to finish this important infrastructure project.

MSCI said it appreciates the prime minister’s statement. As the Council said, “We believe completion of this project presents an opportunity to reach across the aisle, and the country – to Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan – for the good of the Canadian economy, its workers, and their families.”

The letter outlines the enormous positive economic impact the project will have on the industrial metals industry, and on the entire Canadian economy. The total national economic impact will be in the range of $7.4 billion, and the pipeline will create the equivalent of 15,000 construction jobs and the equivalent of 37,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs, including in the metals sector, every year of its operation.

Prime Minister Trudeau has said finishing the pipeline is not a choice between the economy or the environment, but is in the “the national interest.”

MSCI agrees with that statement too, and, as an industry, remains committed to sustainability and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. MSCI also is prepared to work collaboratively with Trudeau’s government and Parliament to finish this project.

Click here to read the full letter making that pledge.