August 12, 2019

MSCI’s Economic Summit Is 3 Weeks Away: See Who Is Registered

TheMetals Service Center Institute’s 2019 Economic Summit, which will be held September 4-5 outside of Chicago, Ill., is three weeks away. Click here to see who is attending.

General session speakers include:

  • Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist from The Economic Outlook Group who was named the most accurate economist by the Wall Street Journalin 2018.
  • Tony Nash, founder and CEO of Complete Intelligence, who will take a look at China’s hopes and fears over the next decade and its impact on the metals industry.
  • Friedrich Baumann president of Aftersales and Alliance Management at Navistar International Corporation, who will share Navistar’s view of the world.
  • William A. Strauss, senior economist and economic adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, who will provide the Fed’s view of 2020 and beyond.

You also will not want to miss the two new breakout sessions for end-use markets important to the Stainless and Non-Ferrous industry that MSCI has included in this year’s program.

The first panel will be led by Angel Ramirez, the global commodity director for Faurecia Clean Mobility. Since automotive exhaust parts are one of the biggest single application for stainless steel today, Ramirez will share his view and his outlook for exhaust systems, now and in the future. Next up will be Charlie Souhrada, vice president at the North American Association of Food Service Equipment Manufacturers, who will share his outlook for the food service equipment industry.

Do not miss this opportunity: click here to register for this year’s Economic Summit.