July 22, 2019

Register Now For MSCI’s Safety Conference And Self-Nominate For MSCI’s New Safety Innovation And Improvement Award

Safety starts with the culture of an organization, and it is an ongoing journey that never ends. It takes perseverance, employee buy-in from the top down and bottom up and continuous improvement from the entire organization to ensure that every metals industry employee arrives home from work exactly as they left.

The MSCI Safety Innovation and Improvement Award will recognize and acknowledge metals organizations that seek new and innovative approaches in their efforts to drive safety improvement towards the elusive “0”.

One service center and one mill will be presented with the award and will be honored at the 2019 MSCI Safety Conference, which will be held Sept. 25-26, 2019 outside of Chicago.

To be eligible for the award, interested parties must describe the safety improvement and/or innovative initiative they would like considered and submit an application to MSCI. The application deadline is Friday, August 16, 2019. Details for applying can be found here. For questions, please contact Bronko Jazvac at bjazvac@msci.org.

Click here to register to attend the 2019 Safety Conference.