June 22, 2020

Tell U.S. Lawmakers To Preserve Section 232 Exemptions For Canada

The Metals Service Center Institute’s (MSCI) partners at The Aluminum Association have launched a new Aluminum Nation grassroots campaign that seeks to support the continued free flow of metal in North America.

As the Association has noted, in 2019 the Trump administration removed Section 232 aluminum tariffs on aluminum shipped in North America—a decision that MSCI supported. This decision re-opened a steady source of material for the vast majority of aluminum jobs in the United States. Some advocates have urged the Trump administration to revisit this decision. The Aluminum Association urges metals companies to tell their members of Congress to keep the focus where it belongs, addressing unfairly subsidized aluminum overcapacity in China. Click here to use the Aluminum Association’s tools to make your voice heard.

In related news: on Monday, June 22, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a petition from the American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), a trade association representing steel importers and users of imported steel products, asking for the court to review the Section 232 metals tariffs. MSCI will have further information on what this decision means in the next Connecting the Dots.