November 2, 2020

Two Studies: Masks Can Save Lives

As COVID-19 cases numbers spike across North America, there is growing evidence that mask use will save lives.

According to The Hill, a recent Vanderbilt University study found that hospitalizations from COVID-19 were more pronounced in communities that did not have mask mandates in place. The study examined counties in Tennessee with and without mandates. It found that hospitals where less than 25 percent of the patients came from counties with mask requirements had the largest increase in coronavirus hospitalizations, up more than 200 percent since July 1. In hospitals where more than 75 percent of the patients came from counties with a mask requirement, hospitalizations were about flat compared to July 1.

Additionally, as the healthcare journalism website STAT News reported, a University of Washington study has projected that, if implemented now, a universal mask mandate in the United States could save as many as 130,000 lives by February 2021. The University of Washington study also estimated that face coverings could reduce an individual’s risk of infection by as much as 40 percent.