March 25, 2019

U.S. Commerce Department To Investigate Canadian, Mexican, Chinese Fabricated Structural Steel Imports

The U.S. International Trade Commission announced last week that it found “reasonable indication” that U.S. companies are materially injured by imports of fabricated structural steel from Canada, China, and Mexico.

As a result of the determination, the U.S. Department of Commerce will continue with its antidumping and countervailing duty investigations concerning these products with its preliminary countervailing duty determinations due on or about May 1, 2019, and its preliminary antidumping duty determinations due on or about July 15, 2019.

The anti-dumping duties alleged against the three countries are 31.46 percent for Canada, 41.39 percent for Mexico and 218.95 percent for China. The ITC vote to proceed with the investigation was unanimous.

According to the ITC, there are 63 producers of this product in the United States; these companies, which have operations in 39 states, employ nearly 11,000 individuals. The United States ships $3.3 billion of the product and consumes $6.2 billion. It imports $2 billion, and China, Canada, and Mexico are the top importers into the United States.

Click here for more information and to read the ITC’s report, which will be available after April 18, 2019.