April 20, 2020

Understanding MSCI’s Metals Activity Report

The Metals Service Center Institute released its March Metals Activity Report (MAR) to subscribing members on April 14. All interested parties can find an overview here.

Part of MSCI’s mission is to provide actionable industry intelligence and, now more than ever, it is important that the data MSCI produce be credible, relevant, and grounded with integrity in the process. Which is why our Vice President of Data Analytics Chris Marti has written an article that explains in detail how MSCI ensures the most accurate, reliable, and useful metals industry data. Marti writes, “Metals industry data informs decisions, but unless that data is vetted, accurate and current, you won’t know if the decisions you’re making are the best they can be. Our Metals Activity Reports (MAR) are just that: reliable monthly reports that provide MSCI members with smart analyses of metals shipments, inventories and other metals industry statistics.”

If your company is not getting the MAR, you can find information about how to subscribe or participate as a service center here.