March 9, 2020

United Kingdom Outlines Objectives For Trade Agreement With United States

On March 2, the United Kingdom released negotiating objectives for a United States-United Kingdom free trade agreement. The report outlines a number of core objectives, including:

  • Broad goods tariff liberalization and simple and modern rules of origin;
  • Reducing technical barriers to trade and promoting the use of international standards;
  • Upholding the UK’s high levels of public, animal and plant health, including food safety, and improving the timeliness and transparency of U.S. approval processes;
  • Securing digital trade provisions that benefit all sectors, including the free flow of data;
  • Comprehensive investment rules guaranteeing that UK investors in the United States have the same rights and protections they receive in the United Kingdom;
  • Protection of the UK’s National Health Service, including a refusal to negotiate on drug pricing; and
  • Protection of intellectual property, including with respect to copyright, patents, trademarks and designs.

Click here to read the full report.