October 7, 2019

What Metals Products Are Subject To New 30 Percent Tariffs?

Next week, on October 15, 2019, the Trump administration will raise the tariff rate on $250 billion worth of Chinese products to 30 percent from 25 percent. If it has been difficult to track all of the tariff announcements, Business Insider offers a list of every single product for which penalties will rise next week. Metals and metals-industry related products include:

  • Machinery for processing and molding metals or cement, and their parts;
  • Iron and steel and products derived from the metals, including drums, tubes, pipes, doors, windows, screws, and horseshoes;
  • Aluminum products, including powder, cable, wire, and screws;
  • Bridges or bridge parts made of iron or steel;
  • Copper products, including plates, cables, tubes, pipes, and springs;
  • Nickel products, including bars, rods, and wires;
  • Ores, slag, and ash, including ores of iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, chromium, tungsten, uranium, titanium, silver, other precious metals, and others; slag, various types of ash; and
  • Various metal products, tools, cutlery, including industrial items made from lead, zinc, tin, and more; saw blades; bolt cutters; hammers; wrenches; crow bars.