June 17, 2019

What’s In Store For China In The Next Decade? Join MSCI’s Economic Summit To Find Out

The Metals Service Center Institute will hold its 2019 Economic Summit Sept. 4-5 outside of Chicago, Ill. and individuals who register before July 1 will receive $400 off their fee. This is the one and only conference to receive timely forecasts across 14 end-use markets specific to the metals industry.

MSCI’s lineup this year will include Tony Nash, founder and CEO of Complete Intelligence, who will take a look at China’s hopes and fears over the next decade and the impact they will have on the metals sector. Nash will explain how China’s aging population and shrinking workforce will impact its ability to compete globally. Nash also will explain how debt and trade-induced de-industrialization will impact China in the next decade. Complete Intelligence is a data technology firm using the world’s largest proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform to forecast commodities, currencies, equity markets, economics and international trade.

MSCI also is excited to welcome back, William A. Strauss, senior economist and economic adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago who will provide the inside analysis of the U.S. economy and the manufacturing sector as it relates to monetary policy, and Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist from The Economic Outlook Group LLC, who was named the most accurate economist in 2018 by The Wall Street Journal.

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