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Metal Matters!

The metals manufacturing industry plays an important role in the global economy. The materials we produce are used to create the everyday products that make consumers’ lives easier, more productive and more enjoyable. Companies in the metals manufacturing industry also sustain nearly 2.5 million well-paying U.S. jobs and contribute more than $550 billion to U.S. gross domestic product. Our economic impact is greater than the film, aircraft manufacturing and software industries. Total wages paid by the U.S. metals manufacturing industry top $150 billion.

These facts matter to lawmakers and regulators who want to build the framework for a healthy, vibrant economy, but policymakers won’t be aware of these facts unless we get involved and tell them why … Metal Matters.

Be a Metal Matters Voter!

The first step to getting involved is to remember that your vote is your voice. Check out MSCI’s “Get Out The Vote” toolkit to learn how to register to vote or help your employees register. Then, check out our policy agenda to learn about the issues facing the country, and our industry. And, through our online Take Action portal and Connecting the Dots, you can get engaged by contacting your local, state and federal representatives on the issues most critical to our industry. MSCI can also work with you to invite your local, state and federal lawmakers to your facilities so they can see firsthand why … Metal Matters.

Learn about the issues that affect our industry:

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