September 11, 2019

Philadelphia Chapter 2019 Scholarship Winners

The Philadelphia Chapter is pleased to announce the 14 recipients of its 2019 Scholarship Program.

  • Sydney Badman, child of Kevin Badman of TW Metals
  • Jason Barrett, child of Daniel Barrett of Sandmeyer Steel
  • Jack Fagan, child of Chris Fagan of Amerinox Processing
  • Alexander Kobilnyk, child of Michael Kobilnyk of Sandmeyer Steel
  • Jamie McKnight, child of Matthew McKnight of McKnight Steel and Tube
  • Austin Melnyk, child of Diane Melnyk of Phoenix Tube
  • Justin Monaghan, child of George Monaghan of Metals USA
  • Olivia O’Donnell, child of Francis O’Donnell of Coilplus
  • Madison Peyton, child of J. Michael Peyton of Alro Steel
  • James Post, child of James D. Post of Olympic Steel
  • Serena Reidler, child of Karen Reidler of Hydro
  • Ashley Veal, child of Keith Veal of Arconic, Inc.
  • Katherine Veal, child of Keith Veal of Arconic, Inc.
  • McKenna Walker, child of William Walker of TEMTCO Steel