April 12, 2021

Do You Know … How to Choose Your MSCI Email Preferences?

Do you know ….that as an employee of a MSCI member company, you have member credentials? (If not, click here to read our last “Do You Know.”)

Like many organizations, MSCI’s main communications vehicle to its membership is through email. Because MSCI’s membership varies by product, size and scope, so do our email topics.

But, Do You Know that you don’t have to wade through all our emails… or unsubscribe in totality? You can set your email preferences in your membership profile and then you will receive only emails on topics that are of interest.

Using your member credentials, click on the LOGIN box at the top of the website www.msci.org.

Click the “hamburger menu” next to your name to access your member links.

Next, click “My Member Profile” to view your MSCI profile.

Click on the tab called “Email Preferences.”

Alternatively, you can access your email preferences directly by clicking here.

If you work in Carbon Flat Rolled for example, you might not have interest in Specialty Metals or Aluminum, you can “Edit Panel” on the top right and “uncheck” the box. Save only the topic or all of the topics that are of interest to you.

Because our mission is to provide a variety of content and information to our membership, MSCI email topics vary. We are trying to eliminate some of the emails we send, so watch for a combined events email at the beginning of each month where you can register for all or select webinars all at the same time.

Of course, if you need assistance in any way, please call Member Services at 847-485-3000 or email memberservices@msci.org. We are pleased to assist!