September 30, 2019

EEOC Extends Deadline For Collecting Additional Compensation Data

As Connecting the Dots reported earlier this year, the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia ruled that covered employers – private employers with 100 or more employees that are subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act – must file an expanded list of employee compensation data.

The deadline for submitting the expanded data for 2018, and for 2017, originally was September 30, 2019. Last Friday, September 27, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a notice stating it will continue to accept Component 2 compensation data “until it reaches what the Court has determined to be the target response rate.”

Information regarding the data file upload function is available at https://eeoccomp2.norc.org. That website also has Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a sample data collection form, instruction booklet for filers, a user’s guide and a fact sheet.

This information must be sorted by: 10 job categories; 12 pay bands ranging from less than approximately $19,200 to greater than $208,000; five groups of race and ethnicity; and gender. This additional compensation data, generally referred to as “Component-2 data” is an add-on to demographic data (excluding compensation) previously reported by employers in the 10 job categories, by gender, race and ethnicity, generally referred to as “Component-1 data.”

The National Association of Manufacturers presentation has made a slide presentation and a webinar recording available explaining businesses’ obligations for the reporting period.

Click here for information from the EEOC about complying with the order for 2018.