March 20, 2023

EPA Has Finalized New Air Regulations That Will Affect Metals Industry

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized new regulations aimed at limiting smog pollution from power plants and other industrial facilities in 23 states. The rule will impact:

  • Boilers in iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing, metal ore mining, basic chemical manufacturing, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, and pulp, paper, and paperboard mills;
  • Reheat furnaces in iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing;
  • Reciprocating internal combustion engines in pipeline transportation of natural gas;
  • Kilns in cement and cement product manufacturing;
  • Furnaces in glass and glass product manufacturing; and
  • Combustors and incinerators in solid waste combustors or incinerators.

The EPA’s Federal Implementation Plan will require states to comply with more stringent nitrogen oxide levels. Further reductions will be phased in next year. The new rules also contain information about a modified emissions trading program, which are meant to help ensure compliance, but will cost an estimated $1 billion annually.

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