August 21, 2023

Former Chicago Fed President And CEO Charlie Evans Will Be At MSCI’s Economic Summit

How will your customers feel about investment in six months? Will inflation and interest rates be up, or down? What global economic forces are at play? Good predictions are hard to find so let us address your questions at MSCI’s 2023 Economic Summit, which is scheduled for Sept. 11-12, 2023 outside of Chicago.

One of our keynote speakers will be retired Chicago Fed President and CEO, Dr. Charles Evans. Evans is a 31-year veteran of the Chicago Fed. He became president and CEO in September 2007 and served until his retirement in January 2023. During this time, he was recognized as a significant strategic thought leader and an accomplished economic researcher with publications in top-ranked journals. Evans’ empirical research has focused on measuring effects of monetary policy on U.S. economic activity, inflation, and financial market prices, and his contributions are widely cited and have been incorporated in the central bank models around the world.

Here are three other reasons why you should join MSCI:

  • BE INFORMED. From current events, policies, and politics that affect your business to information about your customer’s specific end-markets, MSCI will offer the details you need to make confident, intelligent financial decisions based upon data and facts for the coming year.
  • GET THE OUTLOOK. Participants will receive informative, factual forecasts to better understand their customer’s business in 2024 and beyond.
  • MAKE CONNECTIONS. There will be plenty of opportunities for structured and flexible networking with your industry peers.

Where else can you get access to experts in 14 vertical markets who can help you chart the demand for business in 2024 and beyond, top economists, and other experts? Join us Sept. 11-12, 2023. Register here.


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