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October 18, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Bankrupt Company into an Industry Powerhouse

How Jack Hockema turned Kaiser around in 15 years

Jack Hockema, CEO of Kaiser Aluminum, a keynote speaker at this year’s Aluminum Products Division Conference, did market positioning, cost cutting and productivity improvement the right way. He will share his lessons learned and best […] Read More

October 18, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

A Changing World Order

As the U.S. retrenches, two unpredictable superpowers emerge.

At this year’s Aluminum Products Division Conference, top international consultant, Anja Manuel, will describe “the profound impact” on domestic and international aluminum and steel as the world changes. Her business partners are former Secretary of […] Read More

October 11, 2017

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

Industry executives talk about what it means to “act like a leader”

There’s a difference between knowing about leadership in theory and acting like a leader when it counts. The Army’s belief is when you combine character with knowledge and action, you unleash the “whole” leader every […] Read More

September 27, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Time for a Wake-Up Call

Global threats and the right people to meet them

If you are looking for both reassurance and hard-nosed caution about this country’s abilities to meet the multiple, fast moving, and dangerous global challenges ahead, you’ve got to listen to retired U.S Marine four star […] Read More