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January 1, 2014

Succession Planning

The often-knotty problems of family businesses trying to stay that way

Bill Hickey is the third-generation head of Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., a family-owned business based in Bedford Park, Illinois. With four family members—including children and himself—working at the 500-employee firm, next-generation leadership is the obvious next […] Read More

January 1, 2014

Can American Health Care Get Healthy?

Dr. William A. Peck diagnoses the United States’ health care ills and prescribes a simpler way.

  Health-policy expert Dr. William A. Peck, 80, has seen American health care evolve from the introduction of Medicaid in 1965 to today’s fierce political battle pitting Democrats against Republicans. A distinguished professor of medicine […] Read More

January 1, 2014

Why Canada Can't Keep Up

To close its yawning productivity gap with the rest of the developed world, Canada will have to restructure its economy.

For the past three decades, Canada has been stuck in a productivity rut that shows little sign of reversing despite almost 30 years of national debate, government reforms and new incentives. Today, Canadian worker productivity […] Read More

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