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January 1, 2015

Experience of a Lifetime

Don Hjortland, president of Precision Chrome Inc. and The Steel Supply Co., on change, risk and 70 years in the industry

“Give me your hand.” Don Hjortland holds out his arm to help me balance atop a makeshift stool so I can peer into a chrome plating immersion tank. Moments earlier, I had lamented that I couldn’t […] Read More

January 1, 2015

The R&D Revolution

A new era of manufacturing innovation and profit powered by products and processes

If you’re looking for the car design of tomorrow, who ya gonna call? A steel mill?After holding steady through the recession, research and development spending is slowly gathering steam across American business. Among manufacturers and […] Read More

January 1, 2015

Is Amazon Your Next Competitor?

Critical lessons from the e-commerce frontier

Visit AmazonSupply.com and the first thing you’ll see is the number 2,250,000 plastered like a banner headline across the giant online retailer’s industrial goods portal. It’s the number of products on offer—up from a measly […] Read More

January 1, 2015

Hiring Smarter

Recruiting worthy new talent requires an aggressive, multi-pronged program.  

Recruiting skilled workers in the metals service industry can be intensely competitive. By most accounts, there is a significant shortage of qualified help for several reasons: an aging workforce of Baby Boomers starting to retire, […] Read More

November 1, 2014

Back to Basic

Todd Fogel, owner of Basic Metals Inc., on building lasting relationships and clear communications

There’s more to the first half of Basic Metals Inc.’s name than you might expect. The Germantown, Wisconsin-based aluminum service center derives its appellation from a clever acronym cooked up by owner Todd Fogel’s father. […] Read More