March 12, 2019 | by Staff

How Do We Improve?

MSCI, Red Bud Industries Aim to Answer Essential Question in Upcoming Seminar

This spring, MSCI member Red Bud Industries, an internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of coil processing equipment, to present Coil Processing: Technology, Techniques & Tips for Improving Productivity. This comprehensive, one-day seminar is set for May 21 at MSCI’s headquarters.

Red Bud Industries is at the forefront of creating educational content for metals service centers, and for more than 20 years has offered its seminars across the globe, including in Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, and various countries in Europe. Dean Linders, Red Bud Industries’ vice president of marketing and sales who started his career as an operator, said the primary audience for Coil Processing is “the working person who makes everything work.” The company’s goal is to provide deeper knowledge of how equipment works so that these individuals are more nimble and better equipped to troubleshoot, adjust, and fix the machinery they operate every day.

“I started out as an operator,” Linders explained. “I was on the floor, but rarely knew the ‘why’ behind a machine. At Red Bud, we’re problem solvers. We believe that understanding the physics and dynamics behind a piece of equipment will help operators do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.”

While participation in the seminar is important for service center and coil processing operators and supervisors, manufacturing engineers, and quality management professionals, Linders noted that companies in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe, often send members of the C-Suite.

Coil Processing will aim to answer the question that nags everyone from operator to executive – ‘How do we improve?’ – so the session really is for the whole food chain,” Linders said. “For sales personnel and managers and executives who haven’t been on the floor, this event presents an opportunity to learn about the machinery and to understand what operators do and the type of problems they face.” Linders said the session will explain “how your equipment is interacting with new materials and how to use machinery to get a better quality product, and to save money by reducing the amount of rejected material and scrap.”

Coil Processing will be highly interactive and experts from Red Bud Industries will share presentations and informational materials with participants and will be available to attendees to answer questions by email even after the day concludes. “We want participants to get as much from this one-day event as they can,” said Linders. “As a former operator myself, I know this content will provide value to the men and women on the floor today, and as they move forward in their careers.”

Coil Processing will cover:

  • Close Tolerance Blanking & Multi-Blanking: Tolerances specified for blanks get ever tighter, so how should they be properly measured and best produced?
  • Geometry of Shape Variations, How to Make Flat Rolled Flat: Examine shape defects and methods used to improve flatness.
  • Technology for Precise Slitting: Slitting theory and how to produce an optimum cut with minimal burr.
  • Coil Processing Equipment Safety: How to guard equipment and maintain functionality.
  • Slitting Line Configurations & Considerations: Examine configuration options that address material types, building layouts, and unique customer requirements.
  • Flat Material That Stays Flat: How to produce laser quality sheets that will stay flat after cutting, punching, etc.

Registration for Coil Processing is available here. The cost for the one-day conference is $495 for MSCI members and $795 for nonmembers.