November 21, 2022

Make Your Voice Heard On U.S. Aluminum Recycling Legislation

Aluminum is one of the most recycled — and recyclable — materials in use today. Making recycled aluminum only takes around five percent of the energy needed to make new aluminum, reducing carbon emissions and saving money for businesses and consumers.

In most industrial markets like automotive and building, recycling rates for aluminum exceed 90 percent, but Americans can do more, especially to increase the consumer recycling rate of aluminum beverage cans.

According to the Aluminum Association, the United States currently recycles fewer than 50 percent of all aluminum beverage cans, meaning Americans throw away around 40 billion cans every year, which means nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum goes to landfills.

There are two bills currently before the U.S. House of Representatives that would help increase recycling by improving data collection and building infrastructure in underserved communities. The Senate has already passed both pieces of legislation on a bipartisan basis.

Click here to send a letter to your representative in the U.S. House asking them to vote on these bill before the current session of Congress ends.

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