May 18, 2020

Mexico Announcement To Lift Business Restrictions

On May 12, the Mexican government announced it would gradually lift its COVID-19-related restrictions on businesses, including restrictions on construction, mining, and transport manufacturing sectors. (Transport manufacturing is expected to include the automotive and aerospace sectors.) These businesses are expected to open this week.

Sectors not explicitly on the list of essential activities would be allowed to operate starting on June 1, opening gradually and subject to region-specific conditions.

Later in the week, however, the Mexican government clarified that essential sectors could only restart operations prior to June 1 if health security protocol processes have been established and approved before that date. Click here for an unofficial English translation of that guidance.

As a reminder, MSCI had joined with NAM to ask that the Mexican government ensure essential businesses are able to operate during the COVID-19 crisis. As Mexico reopens more sectors in the coming weeks, it will be critical that metals companies continue to commit to take all necessary measures to protect the lives of employees across Mexico to ensure facilities will be able to stay open.