May 25, 2020

Mexico Continues Reopening Efforts For Critical Industries

As part of its efforts to continue reopening critical industries, Mexico’s Ministry of Health last week published Technical Sanitary Safety Guidelines in the Workplace. The guidelines are mandatory for the mining, construction, and transportation equipment manufacturing sectors. They require companies to complete a “Self-evaluation of the Sanitary and Safety Protocols” at www.gob.mx/nuevanormalidad and provide general identification information and a letter of commitment.

For companies with multiple facilities, each facility must register individually.

After the submission is made, the Mexican Institute for Social Security will provide an electronic proof of receipt and a response via email within 72 hours. That response will provide an approval for operations, a request for additional information, or a denial of authorization. If a company is denied authorization, it can restart the process by submitting its Health Safety Protocol.

As a reminder, MSCI had joined with NAM to ask that the Mexican government ensure essential businesses are able to operate during the COVID-19 crisis.