September 16, 2019

MSCI Aluminum Conference To Feature Geopolitical Expert Peter Zeihan

It is important to nurture professional relationships year after year in order to continue to gain knowledge to strengthen your business. As the premier conference for aluminum employees and executives to connect and learn, the Metals Service Center Institute’s annual Aluminum Products Division Conference, set for November 3-5, 2019 in Carlsbad, Calif. is just the place to do that.

The 2019 agenda is packed with valuable information applicable to the aluminum industry. For example, Peter Zeihan will draw on his geopolitical expertise, from the U.S. State Department and a premier private intelligence company, as well as his experience working with clients in many of aluminum’s end-use markets, to pinpoint the critical factors for the global aluminum industry going forward.

As an added bonus: MSCI members who register on or before October 1, 2019 will receive $300 off their sign-up fee. Click here for more information and to register.