May 3, 2021

MSCI Members Urged To Act As President Calls For PRO Act

In remarks to a joint session of Congress last week, President Joe Biden called on federal lawmakers to pass the Protecting the Right To Organize (PRO) Act, a massive labor bill that would have significant implications for the industrial metals sector and its workers.

MSCI opposes the legislation, which would:

  • Effectively overturn right-to-work laws in 27 states;
  • Allow the firing of workers who opt out of paying unwanted union dues;
  • Strip independent contractors of flexible work arrangements and kill earning opportunities; and
  • Abolish secret ballots and threaten worker privacy in favor of “card check” voting, where union organizers demand that individual workers publicly sign a card in favor of the union.

A new national survey of more than 9,000 small business owners showed entrepreneurs have serious concerns about the economic impact of the PRO Act. The survey found:

  • Seven in 10 small business owners say the PRO Act would put them out of business or force them to hire fewer workers;
  • The majority of independent contractors anticipate losing 76 percent or more of their business;
  • 67 percent of women-owned businesses believe they would lose most of their business;
  • 45 percent of all small businesses believe they would be forced to shut down; and
  • 62 percent of minority-owned businesses believe they could suffer major losses.

Once again, MSCI urges its members to communicate with their senators to express opposition to this legislation.

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) has assembled a grassroots toolkit that includes a fact sheet explaining the bill, a video outlining the provisions of the legislation, and sample letter for individuals to send to members of Congress. MSCI members also can help drive emails and phone calls into U.S. Senate offices by using the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s one-click advocacy tool. Click here to find that tool.

Individuals may also use this portal to send a message to U.S. senators requesting that they vote against the PRO Act. Finally, to learn more about the PRO Act and ways to take action against it, visit StopthePROAct.com.

As a reminder, MSCI has signed letters organized by the CDW and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) opposing this legislation. NAM also has assembled a fact sheet and grassroots materials to help organizations that want to speak out against the PRO Act.