August 2, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Miracle on the Hudson

How A Culture of Safety Saved 155 Lives

As U.S. Airways Flight 1549 plunged toward the Hudson River on that bright 20-degree afternoon in 2009, co-pilot Jeff Skiles sitting next to Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was certainly scared. But he also knew exactly what […] Read More

April 19, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

The Power of Prediction

A crash course in reliably predicting the future

Everything along the industrial metals supply chain is changing rapidly. Markets, materials, products, customer demands, factory floor operations, and the demand for timely, reliable data on the products you produce. All that, plus the need […] Read More

March 29, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Disrupting Your Own Company

Kloeckner Metals had no choice

“Digital for us meant email,” Kloeckner’s vice president for digital innovation Matt Meyer told Tubular Products Conference attendees. After all, he noted, the steel industry has not exactly been known to be cutting edge. “We […] Read More